Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review 2020

Hello, my fellow golfers. Today I am going to give you my thoughts on Callaway’s new golf drivers for 2020. I have been waiting a while to get my hands on some and I finally did. Let’s just say that Callaway did a fantastic job with their new golf clubs. So let’s get to my Callaway Mavrik Max Driver review.


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Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Price: $499.99 (Retail)

Flex: Light, R, S, X

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review - Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°

Colors: 12 options – 3 zones



• New on Market

• A. I. Technology Design

• Looks Awesome

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review - Callaway Mavrik Max Driver



• Expensive

• Sound is better but still not right.

• Works best for the average golfer.






Callaway has put a lot into the new Mavrik series and they have not disappointed. The Mavrik Max is just a gorgeous golf club and uses state-of-the-art  A.I. technology.


Brand New A.I. designed Flash Face SS20 for Ball Speeds All Across The Face
The A.I. designed Flash Face SS20, promotes a faster ball speed across a bigger area in each new Mavrik model and lofts.


The High-strength FS2S Titanium for Consistent Performance
The brand new face architecture required FS2S titanium, this is an extremely strong material and is 6 grams lighter than the traditional titanium which promotes optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin.


With the Jailbreak + T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown for Added Ball Speed and Forgiveness
The two internal Jailbreak bars connect the sole and crown to create faster ball speeds, and the lighter carbon crown allows Callaway to redistribute weight for a higher MOI.


The Interchangeable Weights to Fine Tune Your Ball Flight
The two interchangeable weights a 14g and a 2g are positioned in the sole near the heel and rear. You can place the 14g in the rear for MAXimum forgiveness or move it to the heel for MAXimum draw.



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Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review - Get the New GS53 Driver and Fairway Woods Now!



Callaway Custom Mavrik

Callaway offers these new drivers in 12 color options in 3 different zones. Just in case you don’t like the standard color choice and you can really make the Mavrik Max or the others personally your own.

You can customize your Mavrik Max with a host of different flex and color shafts, you can seriously make your own driver with the many options Callaway offers you.


Callaway Mavrik Max vs My Aspect XL

I went out with the Callaway Mavrik Max and my Intech Aspect XL which I just clobber the hell out of golf balls with, and hit the driving range here in my home town. Setting up and being really excited to finally get to use the new Mavrik Max I noticed at first look a gorgeous black and copper-colored, state-of-the-art, piece of heaven, it had a fantastic first feel in your hands, and it felt light and looked lightning quick. I did notice a little bit of weight difference compared to my Aspect XL which I knew would happen because of the newer materials and the years in between the two drivers which are, by the way, is 16 years.

I tossed out 5 golf balls for each driver and went with my Aspect XL first because I know where and how far I can go with this driver and let those 5 golf balls go. I came in with an average of 267 yards with my driver which is right where it always has been, then it was the Mavrik Max’s turn.

Holy Cow, the Mavrik Max was unbelievable. I felt like my swing speed was faster, I drove the golf balls really straight which I have a slight draw with my Aspect XL. Callaway fixed the annoying sound of the last drivers making the Mavrik a much better sounding driver but I still think it is off.

Out of 5 golf balls, my average was 281 yards!!! That’s a whopping 14 more yards and a more straight ball path. I was just shocked at how much I gained and how effortless it felt doing so.



Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review - Taylormade Golf Sim Max Driver 10.5� Loft, X-Stiff, Right Handed Golf Club Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 Shaft



Callaway has made a great driver for the more average golfer and to an 83 shooter like myself made my drives better and straighter. The Mavrik drivers have the best A.I. technology and material making these drivers just fantastic.

My only problem is, I don’t see myself spending $500 for 14 extra yards. But to someone who is more competitive and really looking to cut down their scores and to get rid of and slices or hooks, this is a great driver for them.




Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review - Dick's Sporting Goods


Callaway Mavrik Max Driver


A. I. Technology








Live up to the Hype



  • New on market
  • A. I. Technology Design
  • Looks Awesome


  • Expensive
  • Sound is better but still not right
  • Works best for the average golfer

10 thoughts on “Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Review 2020”

    • Thank you, Faye, for your fantastic question. I have not used the Ping G400 yet, but I have tried the TS2, Mavrik Max, and the Sim Max, and let me tell you the TS2 is better than the Mavrik Max and a very close second to the Sim Max. I actually outdrove the Mavrik with the TS2 and Sim Max and the feel of these two was unbelievable compared to the Mavrik and my Intech driver. Right now I would say that one of the new drivers is above everyone else and I would choose the Sim Max it has the perfect sound and to me has the most forgiveness compared to the Mavrik Max and TS2, but the TS2 is right there with the Sim Max these two drivers make any golfer look like a pro, I mean I had to stop swinging because of the shock of how well I was driving the golf ball with the TS2 and Sim Max. I would like to give the TS3 a try and see if there is a big or little difference from the TS2, but I would like to get myself the Sim Max personally. Thank you again for your question Faye.

  1. It’s a great time to shop for golf clubs and as such I’m very glad to have come across your review here on the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver. The driver being my favorite club to use I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in design and functionality. Glad to see that the Mavrik Max provided for an unbelievable swing and faster swing speed. To be honest I tend to have a slight slice from time to time, so that it also provided for a straight shot is outstanding. With golf season just around the corner I think that it will be one of the first sports to open back up, as it allows for the best social distancing. I’ll save your link for when it’s soon time to order as the price is not a game-changer, well done!

    • Thank You, Pentrental for your comment. Yes, I do believe that golf courses will be opening soon if not already and it is a great social distancing sport. I am glad you found my review on the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver it is a wonderful new golf club and does what it says. It does take away your slices and hooks even if you have a mishit very forgiving driver and works well with the average golfer and yes it is expensive but it works. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. I am a total beginner here – this is a sport that I  have wanted to get into but just don’t have the time until now.   With my impending final retirement – currently planning ahead and doing some research on the right equipment.    I am looking to buy golf equipment that will last me through my retirement – have always been competitive in sports and suspect that while I will start off slow at the beginning, my competitive nature will take over.   From what I read in your review the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver sounds like a good fit for where I am now and where I would like to eventually be.  The price does not phase me as long as I get quality. Your ranking puts this club at the top except for price – is there another Diver that you would recommend that has a better price?

    • Thank you, Steve G. for your comment. Congratulations on your retirement coming up and you have chosen a great sport for yourself. Being the competitive type and a beginner as you call yourself the Callaway Mavrik Max Drive gives you tons of forgiveness and straight ball flights. I like it a lot and if the price doesn’t matter to you I would get it. I would suggest giving the TaylorMade Men’s Aeroburner Driver its half the cost and perfect for beginners and golfers with slow swing speed. Thanks again for your comment. 

  3. Hi Zach,

    This sure is a beautiful driver! However, to spend $500 for the extra 14 yards, as you put it, I don’t think it’s worth it. Unless, one doesn’t mind that expense. I still think it’s a bit steep.

    Then ,reading through your article again, and taking good notice of how excited you were with the Mavrick, it ight just be a good spend!

    It sure feels good if you can improve on your maximum drive – even with better sound….

    • Thank you, Andre, for your comment and nice to hear from you again. Yes, I was shocked by the added yardage and it felt effortless doing it. The Callaway Mavrik Max Drive is wonderfully designed and they have made the sound better also. If I had the money I would for sure buy this driver to replace my 16-year-old one. Thank you again for your comment.

  4. This was my first time hearing about the new Callaway Mavrik Max Driver. I’ve been swinging Titleist clubs my entire life, but recently I have been considering checking out some other drivers. Have you swung drivers from other brands before too, or are you a big fan of Callaway and would suggest starting with Callaway as I start checking out new brands? Loved the review, appreciate the detail and hands-on experience!

    • Thank you, Nick, for your comment. I did my review on the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver because I could get my hands on one and they just came out this past January. I have tried the Titleist TS3 Driver and it is Fantastic!! I really liked the TaylorMade SIM Max Driver I got a little more distance with this driver and I like the Ben Hogan GS53 Driver as well, great craftsmanship, and great control and distance I found with this driver. All of these are very nice drivers and will give you what you are needing in a driver. Thanks again for your comment.


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