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FORE!!! CRASH!!! The first word and sound that I heard the first time I played golf with my grandpa. I was six years old and I probably should not have been using my grandpas’ clubs. With that said, I should have had some kids golf club sets to try out. There are some really great affordable golf club sets for kids. But before you go out and purchase a set, we should probably first find out if your kids even want to play golf.

There are a few telling signs that they may be interested in. So let’s jump in and find out if you might be teaching the next Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods!!!


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Is Your Child Ready to Play Golf?

Ok, so I’m not a golf professional or a coach, however, I have played a lot of golf with many different aged players. From a six-year-old starting out to middle school and high school-aged kids. I’ve also played against golfers aged 20 to 84 and received a tremendous amount of knowledge from all of them.

The first and most important thing I learned was to make sure the kids are having FUN. Young kid’s attention spans are very short and they are distracted easily.

If they’re not having fun they will definitely not want to continue. Be sure they are interested. Do they practice swings in the yard? Have they mentioned the game? Are they watching golf on t.v.?

Always have RESPECT for the game, equipment, and other players. Unfortunately, I have played with some very disrespectful players in my time and I know kids watch and mimic everything we do, so be sure to explain the rules and teach your kids golf etiquette, show them the importance of respecting the equipment and the game.

I also learned how important it is to ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE, ENCOURAGE. I’ve watched experienced golfers on the course that were very encouraging when playing with the younger golfers. It didn’t matter if it was a swing and a miss or a splash in the pond, they never highlighted the bad. So I think encouragement is key to having fun and keeping kids interested.



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In My Experience…

My kids are old enough now that I have been starting to play again and they all want to go to the course with me. So I decided to see if they really wanted to learn or just horse around.

So I borrowed some kids’ clubs from the clubhouse and took them to the range. There I found out really quick like that my boys (ages 4 and 5) were not mature enough to learn. They got the putters in their hands and they didn’t do practice strokes they decided it was pirate sword fighting time.

My girls’ ages 9 and 12 seemed pretty interested and more mature so I tried to show them how to stand, and hold a club and take some practice swings. The only thing is both my girls are left-handed and I can not swing golf clubs lefty. But I noticed they were having some fun and laughing so I kept encouraging them to keep trying. They really started getting the hang of it after about a month.

So in my opinion, if your kids are asking about golf and wanting to go practice or you catch them watching golf on TV, my boys started watching and they asked: “When are we going to go back to the golf course?” They practice golf swings in the yard using whatever they can get their hands on and they play golfing video games. If your kids are showing any of these signs, they may be ready to play golf and grow to respect the game. If they are enjoying the outside and are with their family and friends I believe that your kids may truly enjoy the game.

What I do with my kids is to encourage them to have fun, meet new friends, and be respectful of the game and others. Getting to spend a Saturday or Sunday on the golf course with my kids is a lot of fun and we all get in some good exercise without even realizing it.



Rory 4+ Pink Kids Golf Club Set

Kids Golf Club Sets

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Golf Club Sets for 3-5-year-olds

Here is my list of some really great training golf club sets for younger kids. These golf sets teach the proper golf club grip, and some of these sets are adjustable, so the golf clubs can adjust with your kids getting taller. These golf club sets are perfect for younger golfers as they train your young golfer right out of the box.


Precise XD-J Complete Golf Club Set

Precise has this fantastic complete golf club set for kids. What I really like about this golf club set is that Precise has made these in color code for your juniors ages. For boys, there is an orange set for ages 3-5, red set for ages 6-8, and blue for ages 9-12. For your girl golfer, there are 3 golf club sets all pink for ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. There is also another awesome advantage to these boys and girls sets, you can get them in either right or left-handed!!!

Using lightweight club heads with extra loft allows your kids to hit the golf ball higher in the air. Each color-coded golf club sets comes with a junior hybrid golf club, way easier to hit than a long iron. All the golf clubs in these sets have the Ultralite Junior Flex Graphite Shafts which are 25 percent lighter than any other junior golf club set. You also get the lightweight Precise Junior golf stand bag with dual straps just like kids backpacks so they can be carried easily out on the golf course. You get the total package with Precise XD-J complete golf club set.

Kids Golf Club Sets - Precise XD-J Complete Golf Club Set

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now



Franklin Adjust-A-Sport Golf Club Set

Franklin makes a pretty cool kids golf club set they call it their Adjust-A-Sport Technology.

Their clubs are completely customizable. The adjustment on their driver and iron is 25″ to 35″ in length and the putter is from 20″ to 30″.

They have a wonderful efficient grip that allows for correct grip and teaching the proper swing. This set also comes with 3 golf tees 2 golf balls and a carry bag.

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now


Top-Flite Golf Club Set

Top-Flite has a great golf club set made for kids 5 and under or 45″ and shorter. This set comes with a 310cc driver Ti composite that has this low/back design center of gravity for more accuracy and distance. This set also has a 9 iron with a wide stainless steel sole which is has a perimeter placement of weight for that unbelievable forgiveness on errant shots.

It has mallet putter, cutouts for alignment which helps with aim and consistent stroke. This set has an awesome stand bag with adjustable dual carry straps (fantastic in my opinion) 4 pockets for all your gear needed on the links and the best part, this bag only weighs 2.4 lbs!!!

Kids Golf Club Sets - Top-Flite Golf Club Set

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Ben Hogan Golf Hats

Kids Golf Club Sets Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now

Golf Club Sets for 5-9-year-olds

Now that your kids are older and taller, these golf club sets are the real thing. These golf club sets are made by the top golf club manufacturers of today, and their performance really makes your young golfer start to feel like a golfer.


Cobra King Golf Club Set

This set made by Cobra King will definitely inspire confidence in ages 5-8ish or I should say a height of 46″-52″.

This club set includes a 375cc driver with a high launch and exceptional forgiveness. A hybrid club which helps get the ball high in the air easily. The 7,9 irons with an SW have the perimeter-weighted system which adds accuracy and stability with every shot.

This fantastic set comes also with a blade putter. All these clubs come in a lightweight, tough stand bag with the dual carry straps and 6 pockets. The set has their junior flex shafts and junior grips for a better feel on every shot.

Kids Golf Club Sets-Cobra King Golf Club Set

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now


Callaway XJ2 Golf Club Set

Callaway XJ2 Golf Club Set is great for kids 47″-53″ tall. The XJ2 uses ultra-light club weighting with graphite shafts, which in return helps your kids play their best. The oversized driver is titanium with a huge club face which will give your kid the most confidence off the tee. The fairway wood is very sleek and has a low profile to launch it high. These irons are weighted for forgiveness and more control.

This set has an Odyssey mid-mallet putter with nice alignment lines for better accuracy. The stand bag is awesome!!! Tons of pockets, full-length dividers, with 5-way top. Padded dual carry straps and straps on the trunk of the bag for maneuverability. An automatic stand feature with non-slip foot pads for ultimate bag security anywhere on the course.

Kids Golf Club Sets - Callaway Golf Club Set

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now




Top-Flite Girls Golf Club Set

I found this fantastic set from Top-Flite that is for girls 53″ tall. This set has 6 clubs, a stand bag, and 2 headcovers.

The driver is 360cc Ti composite with the low/back CG for lots of forgiveness and distance. A hybrid club which takes the place of the long irons, it provides the accuracy of those irons and has the forgiveness of a fairway wood.

The 7 and 9 irons are made of stainless steel with a wide sole and perimeter weight placement for more forgiveness on shots. The SW has a low center of gravity feature.

The putter is mallet-style also with the alignment cutouts. Graphite shafts on all clubs except the putter. The stand bag has 4 pockets for everything you need out golfing. Padded dual straps that are adjustable and the bag only weight 2.6 lbs!!!

Kids Golf Club Sets - Top-Flite Girls Golf Club Set

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now




Rory 4+ Blue Kids Golf Club Set

Kids Golf Club Sets

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now

Golf Club Sets for Juniors

These golf club sets are designed to get your junior golfer to find work their golf skills and start making golf shots. These golf club sets will allow your juniors to become more confident, comfortable and to improve their golf game


Tour Edge Junior Hot Launch HL-J

This Tour Edge Junior Hot Launch HL-J is a complete set for kids ages 11-14 or 64″-67″ tall. The clubs in this set are Driver 350cc, Fairway wood, Sleek hybrid, 7-8i-9-Pi-SW, and putter.

This set is designed to help your kids hit the ball higher and longer. The set has an awesome 350cc driver with a Higher MOI (Moment Of Inertia) in case you didn’t know what MOI was. This adds more forgiveness as well as longer and higher drives off the tee. The set comes with a fairway wood and hybrid with compact profiles and both have the wide soles and the low CG for better performance.

This club set has Oversize irons which I love, they are perimeter weighted for great playability. A mallet putter with lots of alignment marks to help with lining up and consistency. The bag is a lightweight stand bag and has head covers as well.

Kids Golf Club Sets - Tour Edge HL-J Junior Golf Set

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now



Top-Flight Kids’ 2019 Gamer X Varsity

The Top-Flight Kids’ 2019 Gamer X Varsity 14-piece set is for kids 60″ and above.

Clubs included are Driver 440cc Titanium, 3 Wood low profile, Sleek 5 Hybrid, 6-7-8-9 Irons, PW, SW, Putter.

This golf club set is really going to help your junior golfer to perfect their golf swing and really nail down their game.

This complete set is great looking and comes with 3 headcovers for your woods. The stand golf bag is lightweight with dual padded carry straps for easy toting on the golf course.

Kids Golf Club Sets-Top-Flight Kids 2019 Gamer X Varsity

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now


Aspire XD1 Complete Golf Club Set

Aspire has this perfect complete golf club set for ages 13-16 and heights of 5′-1″ to 5′-6″.  This golf club set includes a driver, fairway, and hybrid, 7-PW, putter and a stand bag.  All woods have 100 percent graphite shafts and the irons have true temper steel shafts. The putter is a mallet-style with an all-black finish so no sun glare when lining up your putts. The golf club set also includes 3 headcovers for your woods. The golf club set comes in a matching deluxe dual strap stand golf bag which lightweight and easily carried like your school backpack. Aspire designed this complete golf club set with the teenager golfer swing in mind, from the grips to the shafts and finally down to the golf club heads, this is a great golf club set from Aspire, and this golf club set will indeed make your junior golfer very competitive out on the golf course.

Kids Golf Club Sets - Aspire XD1 golf set

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now


TaylorMade Phenom Golf Club Set

Kids Golf Club Sets

Kids Golf Club Sets - Buy Now




So I have talked to you about how to find out if your kids are ready and wanting to play this centuries-old game called Golf. I have given you some golf club set ideas to start your kids out playing this game I love. We worked our way from 3-5 years old up to juniors. I hope I have helped you out with anything you were wondering about or where to find kids golf club sets for your kids. I hope to see and meet or even play a round of golf with you and your kids one day.





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14 thoughts on “Kids Golf Club Sets”

  1. Wow, this is great to have these all in one place. With the information you gave about height and who the clubs would be good for I think I could choose the right clubs for my son. Do you think the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete would work for my son? He’s 14 but he’s 71 inches or do you think one of the other sets would fit him better?  Thanks!

    • Thank you, Alison, for your comment and question. Glad to see we have another youngster play golf!!! my girls use the Tour Edges and love them, I would go with the Tour Edge if he is just starting out it will be a great set to go with. Now if he has been playing for a while and is getting pretty good I would look into the Taylormade, Callaway, or Ben Hogan golf club sets, they are made to be competitive and improve golf games tremendously. Thank you again Alison for your comment and question.

  2. 12 best kids golf club sets this is good stuff! I was wondering about lefty kids too… you mentioned that your girls are both lefty and had trouble for the first month. Did you find any particular set of clubs that worked better for them specifically, or do lefties just have to train harder and use regular clubs?

    • Thank you, Jdoo, for your comment and question. Yes, my girls did have trouble at first but quickly learned the golf swing, and yes my girls like the Tour Edge Junior Hot Launch gets the golf balls up better, but my girls want to move up to the TaylorMade and Callaway golf clubs so I informed them they need a job if they want those golf clubs lol. Thanks again for your comment and question Jdoo.

  3. Hi, Zach.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on kids golf club sets. Your thorough description helped me to understand if our kids are really interested in playing the Golf or not. I will be watching the action and wish to yell “FORE!!!!” very soon. I am bookmarking your page for future reference.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Thank you Gaurav for your comment. I am glad that me post helped you out to understand the signs that your kids may like golf. It’s better to start early so that kids can really grow their skills and better their game. Thanks again for your comment.

  4. Are these sets for kids the same as that for adults? 

    I don’t see the fun in the sport though, golf is a very boring game but I do play it sometimes to think and clear my mind. Teaching children the sport is important I guess, so that they can carry on the sport in the future. 

    Getting special sets of golf clubs for children is interesting. I love the way you have detailed and outlined everything on this article. I am sure to start encouraging kids to play the sport. 

    • Thank you for your comment Samikingss, No the sets in my kids golf club sets are specially made just for kids. Adult golf clubs are longer and weigh more. I am sorry you find golf to be boring, in all my time golfing, I have never had a boring round of golf. Yes golfing can help you to think and relieve stress, this is one of the reasons why I play golf. Golf teaches kids to be healthy, respect others, to have self control, to plan and execute. By all means please encourage kids to get fit and play golf. Thanks again for your comment.  

  5. There are quite a lot of kids that I know that enjoy golf, but I think it is the instructor that makes all the difference to the game. If they don’t make it fun, the kids want to give up, as it isn’t the fastest game on the planet.

    My nephew is 12 and loves his golf. He already has a golf set of his own. Do you have any suggestions for a golf gift for him that can add to the enjoyment of the game?

    • Thank you for your comment Michel, last time I checked on the number of kids playing golf was at or around 500,000 kids playing golf. Yes instructors can make the difference but I don’t feel there are enough of them out there either. I found your remark about not being the fastest game on the planet funny, but some golf courses do have speed golf or extreme golf and let me tell you it is so fun and exciting to play. You win with the lowest score and fastest time. Well there are superhero golf balls if he is into that, or if he likes StarWars there is a Chewbacca head cover for his driver, but I think what would be funny and cool is to have his face or yours put on a golf towel that hangs from his golf bag. My golf buddy got one from his grandma. Thanks again for your comment.

  6. Great reviews and site for golf fanatics like me and my family.  I wish there was something like this when my my son was little.  Had to go to retail store and buy a kid set without knowledge of quality or actual use reviews.  Fantastic resource!  I now have to get a new set of clubs for my son who is now 6’3″ and is in a whole new category of men’s clubs.  Definitely will be coming back to this site to read reviews and ideas. Thanks!  Rob

  7. Thanks for this very useful article on kids golf club sets. I’m so glad that you talk about making sure that kids are encouraged and having fun, that is so very important. I think the Cobra King Set sounds like a great choice for the kids.

    • Hello Tracy, Thank you for the great comment on kids golf club sets. Yes, kids need to be encouraged when they are doing well with golf. Golf is a game of a lot of ups and downs and it’s really easy to just say “I’m done”, “This sucks”, “I’m not good at this”, “I quit.” But with that little bit of “Hey nice one!” or “There you go!” kids will love playing this sport. Thank you again for the comment Tracy.


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