The Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Seniors, I found your balls!! Golf balls that is, lol. I have looked and looked for the best golf balls for seniors and I have found some that are affordable, expensive, soft, and colored, any one of them could significantly increase your golf game. So let me show you some balls, and let you decide which ones you want to have in your golf bag.


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Which golf ball is best for seniors?

Face it, we don’t swing our golf clubs as fast as we use to, so how do we get our distance back? We use a lower compression golf ball that’s how. The Wilson Staff Duo Soft golf ball is one of the lowest compression golf balls and one of the best golf balls for seniors. Another great golf ball for seniors is the Wilson Smart-Core golf ball. The Smart-Core golf ball is designed to react to your swing speed making it a fantastic golf ball for seniors.




Colored Golf Balls

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors


I’m not getting any younger and I’m starting to have trouble seeing my golf balls, so I thought I would start out with these cool looking colored golf balls, in case you are having the same problem as I am. So here are the ones that I have tried out.



MG Golf Balls

The MG Golf Balls come in three, well, really two colors, unless you count white as a color, lol. You get to choose from white, yellow, and pink.

I have to tell you, you can’t use these in professional tournaments as they are not USGA approved so you know, but these are still fun to play with on a weekend.

MG Golf Balls benefit us with slower swing speeds, by giving us more forgiveness and more distance with every shot. You will enjoy the soft feel and control of these balls with every swing.

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - MG Golf Balls



Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

I tried these out recently and I really didn’t know what to expect from them. They are the strangest looking golf ball I have tried for sure. The chrome look is crazy good, and I had no problems seeing or finding them out on the course.

I did notice a little more distance on my drives and iron shots, maybe a few more yards maybe. These chrome balls will roll forever on the greens, it’s crazy.

I think the dimple design is what gave it the few extra yards and for sure it lets the ball roll a lot more on the greens. When I hit the Chromax Metallic M5 it has a very solid feel, a solid core and it felt like it had a lot more pop, I would say these balls did more than I expected and the chrome color is insane. Great golf ball.


The Best Golf Balls For Seniors


The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Metallic M5 Golf Balls



Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Volvik has made an awesome golf ball. They come in 11 different colors with a matte finish. You will see this ball with no problems either on fairways, in the rough or taller grass.

Volvik golf balls have 322 dimples which give the ball a more stable flight. They have a wonderful soft feel to them, with the elastic outer cover you get a lot of control and accuracy around the greens.

The inner core is bigger than usual and with that, they increase your distance some. I love all the colors you can get this ball in. Great color.

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors


The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Cut Golf Balls



More Distance Golf Balls

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors


Well, I found some golf balls for seniors that will surely give you more distance on your drives and irons. Some are expensive and others are pretty affordable.

Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball

I find that this one is probably the best one out there or in the top 3. The e6 is long on both the driver and irons and has a great feel and spin around the greens.

The Bridgestone e6 is a pretty straight shooter down the fairways. You can really feel the softness with your wedges and can command the spin anywhere on the greens. Pretty impressive versus the more expensive golf balls.

One thing I did notice compared to the others on this list is the e6 is pretty boring looking and I didn’t notice any alignment graphics on them, but they are priced very reasonably for the seniors.

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Bridgestone e6

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Bridgestone e6


TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls

TaylorMade made this Burner golf ball, but I wonder if any of them ever went outside and hit any. This sounds crazy, but when I tried them out the burner made a funky noise. I can’t really describe it, but I did Google it and found that there are others who noticed the sound too.

So besides the funky noise when you strike these they are great for more distance and they increase speed. The Burner has a softer feel and will improve your game.


The Best Golf Balls For Seniors

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls



Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

 Callaway makes this supersoft golf ball for seniors. With the lower spin and faster ball speed, these balls will give more distance and straighter flights that will improve your game.

The Hex design adds lift and reduces drag giving you more carry on every shot. Callaway uses a Tri-Ionomer cover on these balls to add more soft feel hitting either off the tee or with irons. With your wedges, the feel is increased to allow you more control and spin on your shots at the green.

Callaway does a fantastic job with golf balls for seniors, I think they would benefit all types and styles of golfers, with some fantastic results out on the golf course.

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Supersoft Golf Balls




More Feel Golf Balls

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors


I found some golf balls that add more spin and feel to the golf balls for those of you who prefer to add this to your game. They have better feel and control to really stick that shot at the pin.



Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

The AD333 has more feel and spin around the greens and more distance on drivers and irons. They have a lower drag which adds accuracy and a straighter shot.

Srixon AD333 is a two-piece ball with 338 dimples. This gets you from the tee box to the green with higher confidence in your swing and shot management.

Now, these are a little expensive to buy, however, with their ability to be more stable in windy conditions, the better launch and the softer feel, as well as the better spin, they are cheaper than the higher priced balls. I think the AD333, from the tee to the pin, is as good of a performer as the more expensive brands.

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors


The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - SRIxon AD333 Golf Balls


Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Balls

Wilson has made a pretty good golf ball in the 50 elite. These balls are very affordable and perform very well. The beginner and mid handicapper would benefit from these golf balls.

The Wilson Staff 50 Elite golf balls feature a straight flight, great launch, long-distance, and carry very well. They generate plenty of spin with your approach irons and wedges to keep the ball nicely on the greens. These balls have an attractive price and perform very well.


The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Wilson 50 Elite

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Balls




Avant 55 Golf Balls

Oncore has made a wonderful golf ball for seniors. The Avant 55 golf balls add distance and have a really soft feel. They have a lower spin coming off your driver but really get spinning on the approach and wedges around the green. These balls perform better with longer and straighter putts. Avant 55 won an award on the Golf Digest Hotlist in 2019. This ball is perfect for all skilled players and is known to be pretty good in cold weather. I really like these and think they would make a solid ball for playing some rounds.

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - 55 Golf Balls





If none of these golf balls seem to get your attention, and this is for anyone and everyone, I did find another company that, in my own opinion, makes the best golf balls and they are super affordable and have outstanding performance that can be compared to the top golf balls on the market today.


Cut Golf has the balls, the golf balls, for every golfer from beginner to pro. With eight different selections of golf balls, you will find the ones that will suit your golf game.

Each type of golf ball has different performance qualities to enhance everyone’s type of play. So please check out Cut Golf balls and save some $$$ and see for yourself how good their balls are.

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors

The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Cut Golf Balls



Senior golfers, I suggested some of the best golf balls for you to try out on your next trip to the golf course. I really hope I helped all of you decide what will help make your golf game more enjoyable and more fun to play.




The Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Dick's Sporting Goods Banner

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I got into golf just about a year ago and I am still improving on my self. I have aspirations to become a very good golf player. And I think with the information you have given about the balls, I should do better. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about the best golf balls for seniors. This is the best golf ball for seniors. I like Volvik Vivid Golf Balls. This game is very dear to me. I love playing it and it’s a fantastic game for me. I want to purchase it for myself and after using it I will share my experience with you. I will share your article with my friends so that my friends can read this article so that my friends can collect it. I have bookmarked your article so that I can come back to your website later. I wish you the best

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  3. Thanks for sharing this list of the best golf balls for seniors. I didn’t even realize that there were so many options when it comes to balls. I could really benefit from the colored MG golf balls, it’s too bad that they are not USGA approved. Are there any colored golf balls that are approved? The Chromax Metallic M5 colored golf balls sound amazing.

    • Hello Tracy, thank you for your comment. Yes, the Chromax and Volvik  Golf balls are approved. Tracy there is a TON OF BALLS, GOLF BALLS THAT IS for every type of golf game and every skill level. Thank you again for your comment.

  4. I did not realize that there was any best golf ball for seniors, so the title of this article caught my attention and I just had to read more. As a senior and a golfer, I am always looking for ways to improve my game and get more enjoyment out of the time I spend on the courses. The golf balls I use tend to be anything I can get my hands on, I never have preferred one or another.

    After reading through the many options that you have listed and expanded on though, I can see that I really need to up my game and try a few different golf balls to see what effect they may have on my play. I will start with the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls and then will go with the Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Balls…I am anxious to see what a difference these can make, thanks for the tips! Do you agree with my selections?

    • Hello Dave, thanks for your comment. Callaway Supersoft and the Bridgestone e6 Soft golf balls give you more distance and have plenty of spin control at the greens, depending on what you are missing in your game these will improve your shots. Now these are more expensive and you mentioned you tend to use whatever you can grab, so I would look at Cut Golf Balls. These guys make a great golf ball and the performance of their golf balls is compared to the big boys at a faction of the cost. Thanks again Dave for your comment.

  5. After football Golf is my next favourite sport although I don’t know how to play it yet but I now it would be easy to start off that’s why I buying all my accessories for golf little by little.thanks for your list of golf balls I have been looking for good balls that would be nice for beginners can you help me that?

    • Hello Feji ben, thank you for your comment. Golf is my favorite sport to play. It’s just you and the course, no one else to count or depend on to get the ball in the hole. Since you are just starting out playing I would suggest going with a soft golf ball, like the Callaway Supersoft, they will go straighter and they provide you with softer feel on the fairways and more spin around the greens. I would also look at Cut Golf Balls they have really affordable golf balls that are or close to the performance of the bigger name golf balls. Best wishes to you on starting to play golf and thanks again for your comment.

  6. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with me and my dad is a golfer as well as I love to watch golf. So my dad is always looking forward to the Best Golf Ball Collection  and which will be affordable, expensive, soft and colorful. My dad loves playing with MG Golf Ball .And his MG golf ball looks good, really cool because this ball comes in 3 colors. My dad chose white, yellow and pink .Plays with each key at a time .But they were looking for a new golf ball because they couldn’t play in any tournament .And I received the Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls in your article and soon I will gift it to my dad and we will definitely share our new sentiments with you. This has seemed to me the best golf ball .

    • Hello Shanta thank you for your comment. Glad to see your dad likes to play golf and that you like to watch golf. The MG Golf Balls are really nice, and cool looking. The MG Golf Ball doesn’t make the USGA Specs for Pro Tournament usage, so your dad may want to look at the Volvik Vivid along with the Chromax Metallic M5 that you already ordered if he wants to play in Pro Tournaments. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you with your review on the Chromax Metallic M5. 


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