The Best Golf Clubs For Women

Hello, to all the lady golfers out there in the world. I thought I would discuss what I think is the best golf clubs for women for this new decade. When looking to purchase a new set of golf clubs, or upgrading the golf clubs in your golf bag, there are a few considerations to look for before doing so, and here are some of the factors that I think are important.




Can Women use Men’s Golf Clubs?

The answer is YES! The women who play on the LPGA use men’s golf clubs. To do this you ladies have to be TALL and have an LGPA  swing speed of 90 m.p.h. or MORE! Just remember that women’s golf clubs are about 2 inches SHORTER than men’s clubs.


3 Things to Consider

Skill Level: Your skill level is important in choosing your golf clubs, meaning if you’re a beginner or a skilled player the golf clubs you choose should reflect your personal skill set.

Comfort: If the golf clubs you are looking into purchasing don’t feel comfortable, then they are not the right ones for you. Your golf clubs should fit you, not the other way around. I would recommend having golf clubs custom-fitted to you, but I haven’t yet to do this for myself. I guess I’ve just been really lucky to have found the sets that fit me personally.

Price: Yes the price is very important. In my own experience I haven’t been able to purchase top of the line golf clubs (kinda wish I could, maybe that would help my game some lol).

I’ve gone from hand-me-downs and buying golf clubs from garage sales to purchasing mediocre golf clubs from sporting goods stores and found what fits me. Shopping around and finding what fits in your price range is very important.

Considering the factors that I mentioned above, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to find the perfect set of golf clubs for yourself. Here I have compiled a list of the best golf clubs for women below, please take a look, I’m sure it will help you find what you need to start out with or improve what you already have in your golf bag.


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Ben Hogan Golf Clubs

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Ben Hogan Custom Clubs





The Driver is the most important golf club in your golf bag. This golf club sets the tone for the round of golf you are about to play. There’s plenty to choose from and you will want one that adds confidence to your game and makes that first drive comfortable. Here’s a list of what I think are the best drivers for women.

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Women’s Speedback Driver

Well, this driver has to be the most technologically designed club out on the market. It has weights for the front and back of the clubhead which changes CG (Center of Gravity). I would recommend this for the very skilled player who knows what they are looking for in the flight and spin of their drives.

The 460cc titanium face is awesome and the Fujikura ATMOS 5 shaft which is the standard on this driver comes in either pink or gray graphics, It also comes with the Cobra Lamkin Crossline Connect grip which comes in black or gray. This driver is available for right-handed and for left-handed players you will need to have this drive custom made. The Speedback Driver is the most forgiving and longest player adjustable club.

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Cobra Golf F9 Speedback Driver

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now


Callaway Golf Women’s Rogue Driver

This has to be the coolest looking golf club on my list. The Rogue has combined the power of their Jailbreak Technology with their X-Face VFT Technology. In doing so, they have increased the ball speed and added more distance (who doesn’t want more distance right?)

Callaway has added a new head design with a Triaxle Carbon Crown to increase the Motion of Inertia (MOI) and improved the Speed Step Technology with help from Boeing, yes Boeing, to achieve more airflow in order to make the clubhead faster.

This driver has great shaft options at a lot of flex options and weights to fit any and all golfers’ needs.

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Callaway Women's Rogue Driver

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now



TaylorMade M6 Driver

TaylorMade has this fantastic driver for women. It’s crazy, It comes with Speed Injected Technology with Twist Face (I know right, CRAZY). Twist Face is an incredible piece of technology that has a corrective face angle on all off-center hits. It’s engineered to reduce side spin and delivers a straighter shot for the golfer.

The Twist Face gives more loft in the high toe area and less loft in the low-heel to make a more consistent spin where most golfers usually mishit (which tends to happen to me). All TaylorMade M6 drivers have been injected with some of their high-tech tuning resin to reach the top and legal limit of ball speed set by the USGA.

Now walking up to the tee with the M6 Driver will give you the confidence of having a driver with unbelievable speed, that’s the power of TaylorMades Speed Injected technology.

The M6 Driver is 460cc with a stock shaft and grip which gives a dual feel and comes in a gray/white color. I believe these drivers are the best choice and will for sure better your game with the results you are seeking.

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - TaylorMade M6 Driver

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now


Fairway and Hybrids

Should you be using a fairway or a hybrid golf club on your next shot? I think it all depends on the players’ comfort with either one. I still use my fairway woods, but I do have one hybrid golf club. I found a list of some fairway and hybrid golf clubs that you may want to try checking out, now you can have any golf clubs you want in your golf bag.

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - ibex


Callaway Mavrik 2020 Fairway Wood

Ladies. Callaway has the new Mavrik fairway woods ready for YOU!!! Callaway, as we all know, has used their A.I. technology in designing these gorgeous fairway woods. This is Callaway’s longest fairway wood ever made.

The Flash Face SS20 is designed to give you the best performance and maximize your ball speed. The Mavrik fairway woods will deliver you the most distance, and forgiveness on every golf shot you make with this golf club.

Callaway has done it again giving ladies another reason to go out there and beat up the boys on the golf course.

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

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Ping G LE 2.0 Fairway Wood

PING’s brand new G LE ladies fairway woods are awesome. Ping is making it easier than ever for women to enjoy the effortless launch of the golf ball from the fairways or tee boxes with these woods.

The lower CG (Center of Gravity) placement and a thinner CarTech clubface unite to produce a lot higher launch. Additionally, the thinner clubface is creating lots more ball speed for greater distance, while the CG placement is providing improved stability at impact for the best results on all mishits.

Ping woods come in 3, 5, 7, and 9. A ton of choices for your game.

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Ping G Le Fairway Wood


The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now



Callaway X Hot Hybrid

This graphite-shafted Callaway X Hot Hybrid golf club made for the ladies is, in my opinion, the best and hottest hybrid on the golf club market.

This golf club’s Speed Frame Face allows for really super fast ball speeds. The lightweight and resilient graphite shaft help golfers of all skill levels to swing the X Hot with mind-blowing speed and uncanny precision.

The X Hot Hybrid features Callaway’s modernized War Bird sole, it’s designed with a dynamic shot-shaping to increase swing efficiency from all kinds of lies.

Everything about the X Hot Hybrid is made to maximize the amount of distance the club can accomplish. From the club height, weight, and center of gravity, this golf club is specifically engineered to improve the trajectory and distance of every golf ball hit.

The X hot will for sure be your favorite golf club in your golf bag.

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Callaway X Hot Hybrid

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now



TaylorMade Sim Max Fairway Wood

TaylorMade has made a fantastic fairway wood for women, the Sim Max is just beautiful and badass!!!

Ladies, TaylorMade has given this fairway wood ultra-low CG(center of gravity) with a V Steel sole and multi-material construction. TaylorMade added their Twist Face to give you straighter shots no matter where you mis-hit it on the face. The enhanced Speed Pocket increases sole flexibility and gives you added ball speed on those low face mis-hits.

Ladies this is a fantastic fairway wood, tons of technology, and a definite game-changer. Now come get your golf on.

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Taylormade Golf Sim Max Women's Fairway 3 Wood, Ladies, Right Handed Golf Club Graphite Shaft

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Buy Now


The Best Golf Clubs For Women - TaylorMade Golf Ball Banner



Long and Short Irons


Now Here I have noticed out on the golf course that the hybrids golf clubs are replacing the long irons and some fairway woods that everyone is or used to use. I see the 1, 2, 3, 4 and sometimes the 5 irons are gone. I think it is completely up to you on what irons you have or if you replace some of them with hybrids. Here I have found some iron sets for women and I will let you decide on what makes you comfortable.



TaylorMade Sim Max Combo Golf Club Set

Ladies this Sim Max combo golf club set is just plain ridiculous. There is so much improvement and technology put into this golf club set that TaylorMade might become #1 in irons.

The improved Speed Bridge and ECHO Damping System not only gives you more distance but gives you a better feel and sound when you play this iron set. TaylorMade’s progressive inverted cone technology improves your accuracy on every shot. They added more ball speed and forgiveness by making the face of each club 17 percent thinner than any previous class of irons.

TaylorMade has a rescue golf club with this iron set that uses their V Steel Technology, with the v-shape sole this rescue golf club reduces the friction with the grass to give you more confidence to go for the green. Ladies, this is one best iron sets I have played with, I am telling you if you want the best and improve your game the most, the Sim Max Combo is what you need to totally change your golf game.

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Taylormade Golf Sim Max Women's Combo Set 4H, 5H, 6 - Pw, Aw Clubs, Ladies, Right Handed Graphite Shaft

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - Buy Now


PGX Single Length Iron Set

Ladies, PGX has this great iron set for you. The PGX Single Length Iron Set is designed to fit your one golf swing. No more having to adjust your swing style, just grab a club and swing like you always do from driver to wedges.

PGX Single Iron Set performance is a balanced center of gravity, more forgiving, and consistent distance between golf clubs.  The one adjustment you need is to remember to play the golf ball forward or center and you will be blown away with the distance and accuracy you will get with the PGX Single Length Iron Set.

PGX offers 5 – PW + GW, also a 4 iron and SW. You can steel or graphite shafts, 5 different stiffness from ladies to extra stiff, and 4 different grips. Ladies having this set of irons takes all the thinking out of your golf shot, all you have to do is, swing-away!!!

The Best Golf Clubs for Women - PGX Single Length Iron Set

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Pinemeadow Golf Clubs

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Custom Golf Clubs





There are many brands and styles of putters out on the market today. The easiest way to find out which is best for you is to go out and try them. Take your time searching for the perfect one. Find one that feels great to you and one that fits your swing type. Here I have found some putters that you may like, here are my suggestions on putters for women.


Ping Vault 2.0 Putter

Ping has this nice looking putter. Probably their most well-rounded putter.

Made of copper and 100% milled with their True Roll Face Technology. Also, it has a very soft feel. Got a great old school looks too.

This is really a beautiful and smooth putter and is going to look great in your golf bag. The Ping Vault 2.0 putter will improve your putting and take some strokes off.

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Ping Vault 2.0

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now



TaylorMade Spider Putter

This is the craziest looking putter.

I love the look and color, this will for sure stick out in your golf bag and will surely strike fear in your opponents.

It has a lightweight aluminum core with a stainless steel frame, as well as a Pure Roll insert for roll and distance control.

TaylorMade has a fantastic putter, and this is going to improve your game.

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Taylormade Golf Spider Tour Red Center Shaft Putter, Right Handed Golf Club

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now




S7K Putter

Ladies, are you having trouble lining up your putts? Are you missing to the left or right? Well, here is the perfect putter for you!!! The S7K Standing Putter is the answer to all golfers missing their putts.

What a fantastic putter!!! All you do is stand the putter behind your ball and let go!!! You walk behind and find your line, walk up and adjust the S7K to your line, check again for your right path, walk up grab your S7K, and stroke away, your golf ball is at the bottom of the cup!!!

The S7K can be used on level lies or slopes, and light windy days. The ultra-light grip and shaft give you a lot of feedback, giving you more feel, and your distance and speed get more accurate. This is just a fantastic putter for all golfers struggling with alignment.

The Best Golf Clubs for Women- S7K Putter

The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Buy Now



Shop New Releases from TaylorMade Golf. Plus Free Shipping!


The golf clubs I have listed here in this post are in my opinion the best choices for women golfers. They all tailored to women with lighter materials and more technology to really improve your skills and make for a stronger golf game. Any of these will look fantastic in your golf bag and will put fear into your competitor’s hearts.




The Best Golf Clubs For Women - Dick's Sporting Goods


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  1. The truth is around here, not so many women play golf but the very little that do okay do not know the importance of having a golf club but your post about the best golf clubs for women is specifically made for the women. That you can share with me here great information do I can get one of these is really nice and it is something that I am just so happy to learn. I would be looking to try to buy one if these.

    • Thank you, Suz, for your comment. Yes, there are a lot of golf clubs to choose from and any of them would for sure make your golf game better. I am so glad you found enough information to help you choose a golf club for yourself. Thank you again for your comment.

  2. This is very helpful information to have when shopping for women’s golf clubs. It’s important to recognize that technology has come a VERY long way in the last couple of decades, so going for some really old, cheap clubs is unlikely to be a good value. I notice that you have a few different brands and clubs listed for each club type. Do you think it’s helpful to individually select a lot of different clubs / brands, or stick to a specific brand for a matching set?

    • Thank you for your comment Aly. Yes design, technology and better materials have way surpassed what was made even 5-10 years ago. There are some really good older golf club sets out there, and they are a good value if you don’t want to spend $1000 of more on a brand new top brand of golf clubs. Yes I do think it is helpful to select individual golf clubs. Say you buy a brand new set of golf clubs and you can’t hit the driver very well that came with the set, so you go buy the driver you like to hit and play. I have golfed with a lot of people and I see they have all kinds of different brands of golf clubs in their bag. It’s what you feel comfortable using. Thank you again for your comment.

  3. Hey Zach! Thanks for sharing this article. I am reaching out to you because I am going on my first golf outing in a few weeks and would like to know which golf club you feel would be best (and not too expensive), as I am not sure how well I will do…but hey I figured I’d give it a try seeing as thought my husband enjoys golfing!

    • Hello Michelle, thank you for your comment and question. First, have you ever been golfing before? and are you looking for a set of golf clubs? I would suggest the Cobra Women’s King F6 Driver. I would go online they range from $80-$330. The set of clubs I would suggest are the Callaway Women’s Strata it has eleven pieces and you can either get them online or at Walmart for under $200. So that’s my suggestion on clubs and it won’t break your bank if you decide you don’t like golfing. Thanks again Michelle for you question and comment.

  4. Hey Zach, thanks for sharing this article, I have been looking for some new golf clubs for women. I am pretty sure you got me talked into the TaylorMade clubs, the M6 Driver and the Spider Putter are a must have for my golf bag, besides, I want to put fear in my competitors hearts ; ) Thanks this could not have come at a better time for me.

    • Hi Tracy, Thank you for your comment on my article,and glad we caught you at a good time lol. You can’t go wrong with those choices you mention. Those clubs will definitely increase your distance, improve your short game, and knock off a couple strokes off your putting, which then you will lower your scorecard. Thank you again and come back again!!!


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