The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men

Welcome golf lovers! I recently received a phone call from my step-dad, he told me that he has decided to retire and he’s ready to try golfing again. When he asked me to go along, I was ecstatic. I remembered that he hadn’t played since he was in his twenties, so I decided to help him out with some advice on some newer golf clubs. I did my research and boy did I find some great golf clubs just for seniors. Below is my list of the best senior golf clubs for men.


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The Best Senior Golf Clubs For MenWow, golf manufacturers have made some amazing advances and designs for their drivers.

Giving the seniors what they are missing in their game, more distance, and accuracy.

With these drivers, seniors will have more fun and feel as if they never lost a step in their golf swing.




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Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Cleveland Launcher HB DriverHigher and straighter is what Cleveland says about this driver. No gimmicks no adjustments just simplicity. The Launcher HB has brand new technology in the head. With the High-Bore technology design, it transformed the crown and moved the weight back and lower, which gives this club the added height and a much easier launch.

The slot technology on the sole of this driver is called Flex-Fin which gives you more forgiveness. Cleveland made a larger sweet spot by going back to the Cup Face design to add power to all your shots. The driver comes stock with the Miyazaki C. Kua 5s shaft. It’s super lightweight and smooth and very stable. The short and lightweight hosel brings this club to life.

This is my favorite driver for seniors. No B.S. just higher and straighter shots. It’s nice to see Cleveland back and they made a great driver, love it.



Adams Men’s Blue

Yes, Adams Men’s Blue driver is simple and very functional. The Blue is forgiving and easy to hit. It feels comfortable and is super smooth through your swing.

Adams’s breakthrough design has produced what they call their Easy Launch System. This system has added a velocity slot for airflow and lowered the CG(Center of Gravity) and added more weight to the head. By doing this Adams has added more height to your shots. Add in the slim tech shafts, Adams has an enhanced and balanced, smooth driver.



TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - TaylorMade Aeroburner DriverThe AeroBurner golf driver from TaylorMade is a great looking club. It comes in a white matte finish with graphics. Has a black face and crown with graphics for ball alignment.

The driver has a very aerodynamic clubhead with a raised center crown. It has the new Speed Pocket design that makes for the larger sweet spot and cuts down on ball spin.

The forgiveness is very noticeable no matter where you strike the clubface. The graphite shaft and a TM Speed Grip which have improved the play and performance and making the AeroBurner more comfortable to swing.

This is a high launching driver with a really long and very consistent distance. The powerful feel and the sound on impact is awesome. This is a great driver and is really good for the light swingers.


Fairway and Hybrids


Do you use a fairway wood or hybrid? It really depends on you and your game.

The hybrids are becoming more popular and for good reason. Hybrids are easier to hit and are great for the rough. The sleeker designs help cut through about everything you will come across in a round of golf.

So here are my choices for the senior men on fairway and hybrids that you may want to put in your golf bag.




Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Callaway Epic Flash Fairway WoodThe Epic Flash Fairway Wood is the best performing wood I have used on the golf course. It’s fantastic and gives you the maximum performance. The Epic Flash is ultra-light with a tri-axle carbon crown. There is an increase in MOI(Motion of Inertia) and it has a lower CG( Center of Gravity) which aids easy launches and added power.

The Epic Flash is also efficient at delivering a faster ball speed across the face, especially on your mishits, which then increases your distance. With the Speed Step Technology, we get a faster head speed which gives you more distance without trying to swing harder. The great thing about this club it won’t break the bank to put it in your golf bag.




Tour Edge Exotics EXS Fairway Wood

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Tour Edge Exotics EXS Fairway WoodI found a great one here. The Tour Edge Exotics EXS is a fantastic golf club. They have wider speed channels to make the clubhead faster. They moved the center of gravity(CG) to the front to slow down the ball spin, and with their thick and thin compartments specially placed, you will get the best forgiveness even on mishits.

There are weights on the sole for you to adjust in order to change your ball flight, they call this their Flight Tuning System(FTS).

The Edge Exotics also look good, they are black with blue highlights, they feel amazing in your hands. The neatest part of the club is its Slipstream sole which looks like a wave, this helps on the turf and with its aerodynamics. The clubhead has the round look to it. This club I can see being great for all players.



Ping G400 Hybrid

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Ping G400 HybridPing did it again with the G400 Hybrid. With a textured face and thin crown, combined with the back weights this club definitely launches higher and produces a really low ball speed that stops faster and goes farther.

With the excellent feel, forgiveness, and the classic sound of Ping, the G400 is on top of the hybrid class. Ping took their drive technology and crammed it into these gorgeous hybrid clubs and fairway woods.

Ping G400 is, by all means, the perfect golf club for all golfers, it doesn’t matter what your swing type is this baby can improve your game with more distance and stopping ability.



Mizuno CLK Hybrid

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Mizuno CLK HybridThe CLK Hybrid has an eight-way adjustable hosel, which then you dial this sucker into what distance your game is demanding. The improved launch and raised forgiveness are done by the perimeter weighting system.

Mizuno has built a hybrid that feels great in your hands and in your swing. The CLK really outperforms other hybrids out on the market today. With their knowledge in making the best feeling irons in the world, they finally put that into this hybrid it’s brilliant.

There is no player out there that can’t totally fall for this club. The sleek beautiful design and the performance is going just add tons to your game.



The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Taylormade Golf M Gloire Irons 6-Pw,aw,sw, Stiff Regular, Right Handed Golf Club Graphite Shaft

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Iron Sets


Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 Iron setSeniors, this is a great set of irons from Bridgestone. The Tour B JGR HF1 irons give you more forgiveness and longer carry distance. They used a hollow design that pushes the CG(Center of Gravity) towards the back. This gives more forgiveness over more of the impact locations on the face. The feedback from these irons will not hurt your performance and will add consistency.

There is no denying that the Tour B JGR HF1 has really wide soles which makes these irons HUGE. The shafts are longer and they have really strong lofts.

This set of irons has just eight clubs. Two pitching irons and six clubs, less to carry. Any senior will perform great with these irons.



Cobra F-Max SuperLite

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Cobra F-Max Superlite Iron SetThe F-Max SuperLite by Cobra is fantastic for seniors. They are made lighter and easier to swing. They designed each club to have faster clubhead speed which gives you more distance. Cobra uses a progressive CG(Center of Gravity) and offsets along with a higher MOI(Motion of Inertia) give you a better ball flight in every iron.

Cobra F-Max SuperLite with these improvements Cobra has made these irons more forgiving on every off-center impact.

Any senior looking for help with your worst golf swings, and still wants to make great golf shots, The F-Max SuperLite irons set is a mix of both and is going to make that all possible.



Callaway Apex Pro Irons

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Callaway Apex Pro Irons SetThese Apex Pro irons are oldies but goodies. When Callaway produced these in 2016, Apex was the most popular irons set. In 2019, they made big improvements with the newer metals which made them softer.

Callaway used their 360 Face Cup Technology and used their skeleton which is infused with tungsten. The 360 Face Cup creates more speed and distance in the short irons, which lets you go for more aggressive shots.

The Apex Pro irons are excellent performers. I recommend seniors give these a shot, upgrade your old irons and they will look awesome in your golf bag.



Ping G410 Blue Dot

Seniors, the best is here. The G410 Blue Dot irons by (you guessed it) Ping. The engineers and craftsmen at Ping have created the best looking, best ball speed, and higher launching irons ever.

Ping geniuses reduced and shortened the blade length which gives you great forgiveness and higher ball speeds no matter what your swing is. Just what the seniors need to feel their game is back.

The G410 Blue Dot irons still have that Ping characteristic sound that we all love to hear. So seniors, if you are wanting game-changing irons you should put these in your golf bag and play the game like you use to.


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Cleveland TFi  2135

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Cleveland TFi 2135This is an excellent blade putter for seniors. You can also get this in a mallet-style if that’s what you like. They raised the alignment marks to meet the center of your ball that’s what the number 2135 means. The center of the ball is 21.35 mm from the ground.

The TFi 2135 has a co-polymer insert with milled copper face, this gives amazing feel and great feedback in every putt.

With its black color and classic blade shape plus the raised alignment feature, you have more accuracy on every single putt.

The milled copper face in the Cleveland TFi 2135 putter provides excellent feedback and through the co-polymer insert behind the face. A must-have putter if I do say so myself.



See More Giant M1T

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - See More Giant M1t putterSee More has used its patented RifleScope Technology in this new putter. It gives you a more true reference point to align and set up single every putt.

The face is balanced at impact allowing the angle that you putt at to be square at your ball. It also helps to keep your stroke going in the right path. With the classic toe-heel shape to aid in your set up, this putter can be appealing to a larger range of golfers.

As a reminder, every See More putter is custom-built to you, so this putter is yours and only fits you.



Scotty Cameron Futura 6M Putter

The Best Senior Golf Clubs For Men - Scotty Cameron Futura 6M putterThis is the best putter on earth. Scotty Cameron is a genius at milling putters. The Futura 6M is a masterpiece.

Using aluminum and stainless steel to create this putter gives you a great feel and fantastic roll. His ability to create a high motion of inertia(MOI) with simplicity is unbelievable.

The two white stripes along with the black alignment line will focus your attention at the address of your ball. These features frame your ball perfectly, you never get distracted with this beautiful putter. The Futura 6M has a phenomenal feel and sound. Scotty is the “Master” this is the putter all seniors need in their golf bag.



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We all are getting older and our bodies are aging, and it seems that in golf, right around the age of 50-55 our golf game takes the brunt of these downfalls. The golf club manufacturers have seen this and are making great strides in helping senior men (I am almost there myself) to revitalize, reinvigorate, and make us feel like we are in our twenties and thirties with the senior golf clubs they are putting out on the market.

I believe the golf clubs I picked will for sure make us feel better with our golf game. Make our golf game more enjoyable, and playable so we can continue to have the satisfaction, and love for this game called Golf.

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  1. l appreciate the details you have carefully doled out. Finally I am ready to start golfing with the big boys. My desire to get the best senior golf clubs for men is a lot easier going from here and if I need further guides I’ll get back to you. Great inspiration I got here today! So glad I found this site. I often wonder why golf is more celebrated by older folks? Could it be because it requires less physical strength?

    • Thank you for your comment, I am very happy that you did find my website and that the site gave you some insight on the best senior golf clubs for men. If you do need more guidance just let me know what you need. Golf is popular with everyone now a days, I feel it  gets people out in the sun and around some of the most beautiful scenery. I believe that older people celebrate golfing in their later stages because they use to play when younger and after they retire, they have more free time to start playing again. The older generations find that golfing is a less strenuous exercise and not because of less strength issues. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Hi

    Thank you very much for writing this article on the best senior golf clubs for men, as often I bet they feel neglected and they feel that the clubs are designed for the younger player. You have gone into so much detailed about each club, putter, and irons that any person can imagine themselves using them, whilst playing a round. I imagine that these clubs are lighter and easier to use than those for the younger player?

    What about those who have a problem with grip due to arthritis, are there any clubs for this that will not shock the hands too much?



    • Thank you for your comment Antonio, I hope that older players don’t feel that way, but golf manufacturers are making golf equipment for everyone now a days. I wanted to give everyone the best information on the golf clubs to try and save them time on shopping and to spend more time out playing a round of golf. They do make the clubs lighter and with more flex to compensate for the slower swing speeds. I am going to write another post about grips, and yes golf manufacturers do have specially made grips for arthritis and for people with bigger hands. Thanks again for your comment.

  3. Thanks for this comprehensive review of the best senior golf clubs for men. Funny enough my mate just bought a Cleveland Launcher HB Driver. He says it’s been pretty smooth sailing since getting it, but to be honest, I always shank my driver shots. 

    I do need to upgrade my whole set of clubs, to be honest, so I’m definitely saving this page to come back to.

    • Thank you for your comment Mike, The Cleveland Launcher HB is a great driver. It delivers higher and straighter ball flight which gives you more distance on your drives. Cleveland also made a bigger sweet spot on the face to help with mishits. Your reason for your driver shank can be several other reasons then your driver. You may want to adjust your grip to a neutral grip. You maybe looking to see where you hit your golf ball before you strike it. Just some reasons on why that is happening to you. Please check out more golf club set here if you are wanting to upgrade, I will be more than happy to help you out on that. Thank you again for your comment.

  4. Thanks for sharing this article, I’m not much of a golfer but my dad is. I had no idea that there were so many choices in clubs for seniors. The F-Max SuperLite by Cobra sounds like a great club for seniors because they are so much lighter and help with distance. I’m going to bookmark this page and show it to my dad, I know he’s been shopping around.

    • Thanks Ty for checking out golf accessories fore all. Yes the Cobra F-Max is a great choice, very lightweight and add tons of distance to every shot. Your dad may also like to try out the Cleveland Launcher HB it’s a really nice driver, and if your dad is looking for a hybrid the Ping G400 is a fantastic choice. Thank you Ty for your comments and hope my information helps you out.

    • Hello Ty, Thanks for checking out my site and your comment. There are some really good golf clubs sets for your mom . They are designed just for the senior women out there who enjoy this great game, and who are looking to keep their game up to par. If your looking for a putter for your mom, check out the ones I talked about under the best golf clubs for women. There are some really great choices of putters. Thanks again for you comment Ty.


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