The Best Women’s Golf Balls

Hello ladies, today I am going to talk to you about my list for the best women’s golf balls out on the market today. There is a lot of talk about women’s golf balls and what women should be using. Well, I got news for all you women out there who are looking for the best golf balls.

There are a lot of golf ball manufacturers making golf balls today.  Some of them make golf balls specifically for women, and another prefers to stay gender-neutral with their golf balls. So with these golf ball manufacturers making golf balls for everyone and some making golf balls specifically designed for women, I feel that it is ultimately up to you what golf ball you want to play.

So with all that in mind, here is my list of the best women’s golf balls and this will let you decide which golf balls you will want to buy and play with next time you go to the golf course.


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Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball

The Best Women's Golf BallsThe Lady Precept is a 2-piece golf ball and has a larger core and a thinner cover with both of these improvements, now you get lower spin and higher launch on your golf shots.

The new cover gives you more control over your shots and the bigger core allows for more distance. The Precept is designed for slow to your average golf swings and has a compression rating of 50. You can get these in 3 colors white, yellow, and pink. The Lady Precept has been the number #1 selling golf ball from 1997 up to 2012. This is a great golf ball ladies, and I am sure you will agree with me.



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Callaway SuperSoft Matte Pink

The Best Women's Golf BallsCallaway says this golf ball is super long, super straight, and super soft. Callaway says this is their softest golf ball.

The SuperSoft comes in matte high visibility colors, green, orange, pink, red, there is yellow but not in a matte finish. You will be able to see these with no problem when teeing off, in the fairways or in tall grass.

SuperSoft has an ultra-low compression core which gives you faster ball speeds with less spin and less drag. Callaway uses the Hex Aerodynamics which reduces the drag, gives more lift, and carries more on your shots. The trionomer cover gives you more feel and better stop control on the greens.

Ladies this is a fantastic golf ball and a must try out next time you go golfing.



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TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball

The Best Women's Golf BallsTaylorMade has designed a new line of golf products aimed at the women golfers of today.

The Kalea golf ball is a 2-piece golf ball with a high-energy react core and new lothane cover. This makes this golf ball feel softer, adds distance on your drives, and better feel around the greens.

The Kalea golf ball gives you a higher launch and faster ball speed, which we know adds distance to your game.

The compression rating is 60 and is designed for a golf swing speed of 85 m.p.h or so.

Kalea golf balls come in these colors white, purple, and peach.

TaylorMade has really done a great job with this new line of products, they even have golf club sets to go with these balls.



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SRIxon Soft Feel Lady

The Best Women's Golf BallsSRIxon Soft Feel Lady golf balls come in two colors soft white or passion pink.

Soft Feel Lady’s has a higher launch with more carry.  With the 338-speed dimple pattern design, it makes this golf ball great to use on windy days.

SRIxon says this golf ball is longer, straighter, and has more stopping power on the greens than the other popular two-piece golf balls from all the other major competitors.

Ladies the Soft Feel Lady golf ball is a great option, I think these golf balls can immensely improve all golf games and skills.

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Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Best Women's Golf Balls#1 ball in golf, Titleist as has made the Velocity golf ball faster and with more distance on every shot you hit. Titleist has designed this golf ball with their proprietary high-speed technology.

Titleist has reengineered the Velocity golf ball with a softer high-speed core and added their fastest cover blend to give you a low spin and faster ball speeds which gives you more distance off the tee.

With Titleist’s advanced aerodynamics, you get a higher ball flight and more stopping control on the greens.

Ladies, you can get the Velocity golf ball now in 4 colors, new VISI-White that has an orange side stamp with double-digit ball numbers (00,22,77,99), Velocity Orange, Velocity Pink, and you still have the regular white.

Ladies the Titleist Velocity is a fantastic golf ball and with the new colores, and advanced designs and technology added to it, it can be your new golf ball and lead to lower scores in your game.



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Volvik Crystal Golf Ball

The Best Women's Golf BallsVolvik Crystal golf balls are a 3-piece golf ball and designed for swing speeds of 60-95 m.p.h. This gives you more accuracy, consistency, a stable ball flight and more control on and around the greens.

Crystal golf balls have a compression rating of 80 and still feel soft. This is because of the dual-core design and the durable and softer Suryln Crystalline cover.

Volvik Crystal golf balls come in a variety of colors, according to Volvik’s website you can get these golf balls in blue (which may be hard to see when in the air), green, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. Lots of choices to pick from.

Volvik has a big presence on the LGPA and on the lower women’s tours. Volvik’s Vista iV is a very popular golf ball there, and the Crystal is just a bit below it.

Volvik Crystal has enhanced visibility with its multiple choices of colors, has better short game control, and a very soft feel.

This is a very good golf ball for the ladies and has a very attractive price, it won’t break the bank or limit the drinks you’ll have at the clubhouse after you’re done with a few rounds of golf.

I forgot to mention ladies if you are not interested in playing any of these golf balls, or you have a higher swing speed you can always choose the golf ball that it seems everyone is using today. The Titleist ProV1 and the Titleist ProV1x.

Titleist promotes with these two golf balls you will have more consistency, more precision, and more speed. Faster from the core to cover, Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x gives you consistent ball flight, more distance, with a more penetrating trajectory, and their Drop-and-Stop short game control while maintaining the very soft feel.



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Ladies, I know I threw a lot at you with all these golf balls, but in my opinion, today these golf balls are the best out on the market. Yes I may have missed some, but I know I have tried most of them and let me tell you, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

I personally like the colored golf balls, I am getting older and most definitely you can see these colors very well out on the course. The brands I mentioned are designed very well and the manufacturers are out trying to make the best golf equipment for you ladies.


6 thoughts on “The Best Women’s Golf Balls”

  1. Hello, thanks for this article. As a woman, I love playing golf in my free time. My partner is a good golfer and he’s lectured me about some of the best women’s golf balls, but reading your article made me learn more. Just like a Pro V1 should be only yellow/green. Surprised at how durable the ball holds up. I was expecting the color to scratch during play, but 1 ball lasted three rounds until a lake took it from me.

    • Thank you, Marthagirl, for your comment. I am very happy you learned more from my article, makes me feel that I am helping others by getting them the right golf equipment and accessories to enjoy this fantastic game of golf. Yes, Titleist is making a Pro V1 in yellow which will be very nice to have in your golf bag and they are really durable that’s one of the reasons they are the #1 ball in golf. Thank you again for your comment.

  2. Hello, 

    Thanks for the nice article which is really interesting. I have enjoyed your article very much. 

    I am a woman. And, I play golf. In my leisure time I try to play the game. You have posted about women’s golf ball. You have shown us various kinds of ball. They are really nice. I have used some of them. They really helpful in game. But I have seen some ball in the article which I have never use. I have already ordered Volvik Crystal Golf Ball. I will share my experience with them. Thanks again for the post.

    • Thank you for your comment Tashibaaru. The Volvik Crystal golf balls are very well made and perform very well. Volvik is getting bigger on the LPGA, so that goes to show you how well these golf balls are performing if professionals are using them. Please let me know how they worked out for you. Thanks again for your comment.

  3. Geez! Who knew that there were golf balls specifically made for women.  What do you think would be the best golf ball for a newbie and she would like a pretty looking golf ball at that?  Not a white ball but maybe say pink or something like that.  But I like your site.  The header was very clever with the way you used “Fore” instead of “For”.  Looking forward to hearing your answer.

    • Thanks, Eric for your comment. Since we don’t know her swing speed and she is a newbie to golf, I would suggest going with a low-compression golf ball for her to try out. Callaway SuperSoft has a compression rating of 38, so it’s really soft and it responds well with each golf club. SuperSoft golf balls come in green, orange, pink, and yellow. Thanks again Eric for your comment and have a great time out on the golf course!!


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